inTerra Innovation, Inc. is a specialty construction materials company focused on providing innovative solutions for the design, manufacture and delivery of products for utility, renewable energy and general construction projects throughout the United States and the world.

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  Grout Products:

    Compaction Grout   

    SlipLine Grout

    Fill Grout

  Thermal Products:

    Fluidized Thermal BackfillTM (FTBTM)

    Thermal Concrete

    Thermal Grout

  Flowable Fill & Concrete:

    Flowable Fill

    Structural Concrete

    Rapid-Set Concrete

    Duct-Bank Concrete

    Insulating Concrete

    Roller Compacted Concrete

For more information on inTerra’s Products and Services: 
Contact us at or by phone (617) 830-6611. mailto:contact@interra-innovation.comshapeimage_3_link_0