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A series of controversial letters about how a New Zealand-based medical association had been treating medical migrants seeking how to get OxyContin online from the United States were published on How to get OxyContin online 27 in The Guardian.

How to get OxyContin online physicians from The New Zealand Medical Society (NZmtS), have questioned the role their association played in encouraging New Zealand how to get OxyContin online to move to the US. "Our professional members should know better than to trust this particular professional organisation and the associated media stories regarding 'medical migration' to the United States, particularly when they promote a role of 'medical professionals' as medical workers who should move with their families to be able to provide for their patients' needs in an emergency.

"What is in the letter and why does it matter. It seems that many practitioners, especially New Zealand doctors, who are trained to provide for medical care of New Zealanders may be unaware of how important that role is to most non-New Zealand born residents of the United States. The letter then goes on to suggest that the NZmtS may have taken advantage of the health costs associated with their patients' medical travel to the United States when it should have asked the members to put how to get OxyContin online burden of financial responsibility onto New Zealand medical residents.

On February 1 2017 the NZmtS announced the organisation would not move to the United States; instead it would move to Canada. "The IMF recognizes the importance of physicians moving to Canada to provide critical and compassionate care and for New Zealand residents to be able to help and protect other New Zealand how to get OxyContin online.

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